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Larimar Meaning – The Spiritual Meaning of Larimar & Even More

The importance of Larimar has been known to the natives of the Dominican Republic for thousands of years, but it has been a well-kept secret for a long time.

Larimar Stone Meaning – Fair wages for workers for people are important to us.

This well-known semi-precious stone from the Dominican Republic, also called Atlantis stone, is a real specialty. You can find out why here.

Larimar jewelry for the whole family and for any occasion

Our store offers a wide range of jewelry for the whole family. After all, if you believe the tradition of the natives, the whole family should also benefit from the protection and effect of the Larimar stone.

Larimar Healing Stone Meaning – Native Legends and Their Meaning

If ancient traditions are to be believed, the Larimar healing stone protects the whole family from harm and serves as a lucky charm and protective stone.

The special Larimar stone effect & its history

About the Larimar stone effect on the psyche is often told. To understand this effect, we need to look at the most diverse stories that surround this beautiful stone. Larimar stone will not fail to have an effect on you!

Larimar – the gemstone of the Caribbean – is individual, unique, and beautiful!

Impressive pieces of jewelry are made from Larimar. Just as every person is unique, every Larimar stone is different and never repeated a Second time Discover a wide selection in our online store and choose your piece of jewelry.

Rings, necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry made of Larimar stone will give you long pleasure and significantly affect you and your surroundings. Treat yourself with something beautiful or enchant your loved ones.

Larimar: A valuable stone for jewelry making

If you are looking for jewelry and wondering which stones are valuable and suitable for a high-quality gift, you have come to the right place. Larimar stone got its blue color in the course of its formation history in the heart of a burning volcano on the islands of the Dominican Republic. The intense blue variety of the rare mineral pectolite in the mountains of Bahoruco does not exist a second time.

The characteristics of a gemstone and its shading are of great importance in jewelry making. And these characteristics influence the effect of a ring, a necklace or a pendant. That is why jewelry is made only with stones from the Caribbean. The Larimar deposit in Northern Italy is unsuitable for this purpose and is of lower quality.

Set in silver, the beautiful blue coloring comes into its own. Larimar is unique and very diverse in color, an effective eye-catcher. The impressive interplay of turquoise, blue and white reflects the sea and sky of the Caribbean. This wide range of facets is what makes Larimar so fascinating.

You can also see this symbolism in the characteristics of this stone. If the coloring fades a bit due to prolonged exposure to the sun, the original color will return in the water after about three days.

Do you want to know more about the effect of Larimar? Then read our article about the Larimar effect and learn more about the special Larimar stone.

Our Larimar Stone Jewelry ALL PRODUCT CATEGORIES AT A GLANCE FROM We have everything your heart desires! Larimar Pendants, Larimar Necklaces, Larimar Rings etc.,.

Larimar Jewelry of the highest quality

The material is softer than other gemstones and, therefore, more difficult to work with, but it is distinctive. It takes true experts to handle this material. Our jewelry makers in the Caribbean work with passion and love and produce jewelry of the highest quality. This is what we value.

Cheap goods or slave-like working conditions are not an option. Trust, high quality, and fair wages are what counts for us. Long-term cooperation gives security. We establish direct contact with dealers in the Dominican Republic and even pick up your jewelry personally there. Our concern is to bring joy to the people because we appreciate our partners. This is visible and tangible. Convince yourself – you will not regret it.

Larimar: Magic effect

You love the sea and the blue sky. On a mountain top, you look into the endless blue expanse of the horizon. You feel the fine sand under your feet and swim into the endlessness of the turquoise ocean. You let yourself fall and immerse yourself in the sun’s warming rays.

Larimar takes you to the paradisiacal world of the Caribbean. The smooth stone brings back beautiful memories and longing desires. We must not give up hope. We have been dreaming about the next vacation for a long time, and we have earned it hard. With our Larimar jewelry, you can take the first step. Order your little personal paradise to your home today!

Larimar Jewelry:

We have everything your heart desires! Larimar Pendants, Larimar Necklaces, Larimar Rings etc,…